Responsive Web Design Solutions

Illini Marketing Consultants builds flexible and customized website compatible with:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktop screens

A cost-effective and high-performing responsive website will make your company stand apart, attract the right customer, and generate more leads.

What is a responsive Design

A responsive website is compatible across all the ways consumers access the internet today.

The majority of consumers get their information on-the-go through:

  • smartphones,
  • tablets, and
  • wifi connected laptops.

Each of these devices has a specific user experience (UX) requiring your content to be delivered in unique ways for each platform.

Illini Marketing Consultants builds a flexible and customized website compatible with smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop screens. A cost-effective and high-performing responsive website will make your company stand apart, attract the right customer and generate more leads.

DIY -vs- Pro

Illini Marketing Consultants takes the time to identify

  • WHO you serve
  • WHY you are in business
  • HOW you solve the problems they have identified
  • WHAT your products & services do to solve those problems


Let us show you how a new responsive website will:

  • Attract more of the right customers
  • Stand apart from the competition
  • Generate more leads
  • Become the focal point of your digital marketing strategy.

How The Process Works


An essential step in designing a responsive website is information gathering.

In this step, Illini Marketing begins to: 

  • Understand your ideal customer
  • Your business
  • Your industry
  • The ultimate goal of the site

Discovery helps Illini Marketing Consultants build the correct responsive website for your needs.


Just like to old saying “measure twice, cut once” planning your website build will save time and make the site more effective.

During the planning stage of the build, Illini Marketing will:

  • Create your SEO strategy
  • Optimize images
  • Create content which appeals to your ideal customer.



The challenge of a responsive website is balancing function and form. 

Our design incorporates essential elements such as:

  • Headers
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Font
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Backgrounds.

Using the information from the Discovery and Planning stages, our responsive websites incorporate the content of your site into the functionality and design.


In the development stage of our website design process, Illini Marketing Consultants test the functionality of the site.

We check and optimize:

  • Links
  • Plug-ins
  • Widgets to ensure a near-flawless user (UX) experience.

Once everything on the site is functioning up to our exacting standards, we move on to the next stage of the process.


Once the final development checks have been performed, Illini Marketing Consultants launch your responsive website.

We perform an 80 point launch checklist to ensure we have not missed a step in the design & development process.

This ensures our site launch goes smoothly.


Just like your car or home, a responsive website needs regular maintenance.

Our basic maintenance service includes:

  • One year of software updates
  • Security
  • Hosting 
  • Analytics.

This ensures your responsive website produces the results discussed in the planning and discovery phases in the responsive website build process.

Better User (UX) Experience

A website which scales and responds to the screen size of the user who is accessing it provides a quality User (UX) Experience.

Sites which are hard to navigate or the user is forced to pinch or zoom the screen to see your content lose visitors and have less time spent on the pages.

A quality customer UX and usability leads to more time on the site, higher word of mouth referrals and ultimately more customers for your business.

More Mobile Traffic

With statistics showing 52%n of all global web traffic coming from mobile devices, responsive websites are no longer a luxury; they are a necessity. 

Regardless of how many visitors are currently coming from mobile sources, a responsive site will increase mobile visits and longer time on site per visitor.

Easy Site Development

Until responsive websites became the industry standard, it was common practice to build a mobile version of your company’s website.

Mobile sites made the development process more expensive and longer.

Responsive websites eliminated the need for developing two separate websites for your company or brand.

Lower Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors which leave after seeing one page. The longer a visitor stays on your site and clicks through the page to look at your content, the more effective your website will be for your business or brand.

Responsive websites reduce your bounce rates by making your site simpler to navigate, more intuitive and more engaging on each screen type.

Avoids Duplicate Content

A business with a mobile and desktop version of their site has several issues.

One issue is the duplicate content penalty. A company with two versions of their site confuse search engines, they don’t know which site’s content is most relevant.

This confusion causes both versions to rank lower than a responsive website.

Rank higher and keep from confusing both customers & search engines with one responsive website.

Improved Load Times

Thanks to their responsive images and fluid framework, websites which are responsive to all devices tend to load faster.

With 53% of mobile visitors abandoning a site taking longer than 3 sec to load, responsive websites with fast load times keep visitors longer and improve conversion rates.

This speaks volumes for the importance of a responsive website design for your business or brand.

Simpler Analytics

Instead of tracking two distinct versions of your site and tracking where your visitors are coming from, a responsive site simplifies your stats.

Instead of keeping track of multiple sign-up and thank you pages, funnels and conversion points, responsive websites let you have one analytics dataset.

We can read one report to see where traffic is coming and avoid the confusion multiple reports can create.

Improved Maintenance

Along with the faster development of new websites, responsive websites are easier to maintain.

The elimination of a mobile site allows digital marketing companies like Illini Marketing Consultants to focus on more profit-generating efforts like

  • Content development
  • Marketing
  • A/B testing

Improved SEO

Since 2015, Google takes the responsiveness of your website as one of the signals to determine your rank on the results page.

The more mobile-friendly your website, search engines will increase the ranking.  

More Social Shares

Another benefit of responsive design is the ability to share your content with social media platforms.

This social signaling impacts your search engine ranking through increase engagement and search demand.

Responsive websites featuring great content and social sharing buttons can expose you to a new audience and increase your credibility as well.

Better BackLinks

Backlinks are an essential part of any SEO strategy. Responsive websites are more likely to be linked to by other sites since they provide a good user (UX) experience.

Search engines like you to be linked to other websites; it makes you look like a reputable source of information.

Since content is a significant factor for search rankings, the more backlinks you can generate, the high your ranking will climb.

More Conversions

Reducing your bounce rate and keeping your visitors on your website longer are the first steps in improving the user (UX) experience.

A better UX increases the conversion rate of your site.

Since smartphone conversions have increased by 64% over desktop makes it easy to see why responsive websites are becoming increasingly important.

Other Services

Content Marketing Solutions

Using a combination of social media, website copy, blogging, graphics, and premium assets like ebooks to attract new customers is an essential aspect of digital marketing today.

Illini Marketing Consultants will create a marketing program:

  • Centered on content relevant to your target market
  • Designed to attract, convert and delight.

Pay Per Click Advertising Solutions

Illini Marketing Consultants creates Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns for both search engines and social media.

These campaigns are a way to buy visitors instead of earning visits through organic channels like SEO or content marketing.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns are a highly effective and measurable solution for growing your business or brand.

Search Engine Optimization Solutions

An SEO solution which drives the right kind of traffic to your website is the heart of Illini Marketing Consultant’s inbound strategy.

Using the three elements of SEO:

  • On-page
  • Off-page
  • Technical

Illini Marketing Consultants whips your content into shape, increasing inbound links, and building social media influence.

Social Media Marketing & Management Solutions

From boosting your website’s position in organic search to creating brand awareness for your company, professional social media management and marketing is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

Illini Marketing Consultants social media solutions:

  • Save time
  • Evaluate trends
  • Deliver valuable content to your customers.

Email Marketing Solutions

From promotional campaigns designed to get prospects to open-click-convert or drip campaigns to keep your business top-of-mind in potential sales leads.

Our email campaigns are the perfect solution to:

  • Welcome new customers
  • Retain current customers
  • Re-engage past customers
  • Up-sell products or services
  • Win-back lost leads
  • Provide outstanding customer service

Marketing with Impact

Illini Marketing Consultants is a marketing firm for small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs looking to grow their business profitably. Unlike other marketing companies and website hosting, Illini Marketing will take the time to analyze your current plan and recommend unique and specific actions for your business, saving you time and money.

Whether you're looking for a new website or a way to attract more visitors to your current site, Illini Marketing Consultants provides business owners with plans and strategies for the ever-expanding digital marketing channels. Our services include website design & hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media management, content marketing, and Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising. With digital marketing as our only focus; we stand apart from marketing agencies with multiple concentrations.

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